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10 ideas for a relaxing self-care day

With families to feed, careers to navigate, hobbies to keep up and relationships to maintain – our lives are busier than ever these days...

By Sarah Russell

3 min read

10 ideas for a relaxing self-care day

While we’re pulled in so many directions on a daily basis, it’s important to remember to step back once in a while and dedicate some time to our wellbeing.

Putting aside a day, or even just a few hours, to indulge in some self-care is a great way to unwind, relax, and focus on yourself for a change. Here are some of our favourite ways to enjoy a self-care day – without feeling guilty.

Make your favourite breakfast

Instead of rushing around making sure everyone else has their cereal of choice, or grabbing a granola bar on your way out the door, slow down a little and make your favourite breakfast. 

Whether you slice up some fruit, make some porridge, or cook a couple of eggs - taking the time to meet your own needs will help you feel energised and ready for the rest of the day.

Cleanse and nourish your skin

Your usual skincare routine probably revolves around the quickest and easiest options while getting ready for work. On your self-care day, take a few extra moments to really cleanse and nourish your skin, massaging the products in properly and really enjoying the experience.

Listen to calming music

To set the tone for the day, put some quietly relaxing music on. Whether you sit back and enjoy the tranquil sounds, or you go about some daily tasks with an extra sense of serenity in the background, a calming playlist does wonders to change the atmosphere in your home and remind you how to relax.

Light a candle or incense

To complement your background music, light a few candles or incense sticks. The light flicker of the flame and the lovely fragrance creates a calming ambiance in your home and helps to focus your relaxing energy.

Enjoy a massage or facial

If you’re feeling a little indulgent, consider booking yourself in for a massage or facial at your local spa. It’s a small luxury that you rarely have time for, but we know you’ll leave feeling like a new woman.

Go for a walk in the fresh air

If the weather is looking promising, head outside for some fresh air and enjoy a peaceful walk on your own. You don’t have to go far if you don’t want to, but the cool air and time to yourself will give you a refreshing boost.

For a mindful moment, you could also take some headphones to enjoy a relaxing playlist or podcast while you walk.

Turn off tech

We’re all addicted to our phones and laptops, and the constant connection to the outside world can be exhausting and detrimental to our mental wellbeing.

It’s a difficult ask, but turning off your technology even for an hour or two could do you a lot of good. Instead, embrace that short time with no notifications, no social media, no emails or updates to do something you haven’t had time for lately, like reading your favourite magazine.

Make a relaxing drink

Try to avoid drinking too much caffeine or alcohol on your self-care day, instead why not try something different? Calming tea blends, or warm spiced milk are great options to help you wind down in the evening.

Enjoy a soothing bath or shower

There’s no need to rush on your self-care day, so you can enjoy a longer shower than usual, or even run yourself a soothing bath. The warm water and extra half hour to yourself is a lovely opportunity to clear your mind before going to bed.

Have an early night

End your self-care day on the right note by climbing into bed at a reasonable hour. If you get the chance to read a couple of chapters of your book, even better. You’ll wake up the next day feeling refreshed and ready to tackle the demands of everyday life again. 

You might not get the opportunity for a full day of self-care very often, but each of these ideas can be incorporated into everyday life as well - whether you light a candle now and again, or remember to book in that hair and nail appointment you’ve been meaning to do – remembering that looking after yourself and your wellbeing is the best way to make sure you can look after everything else in your life, too.

Sarah Russell

Sarah is a freelance writer and editor from the New Forest. She loves being outside with nature and has a big passion for all things food – so if she’s not out walking the dog and exploring new places, you’ll probably find her cooking up a storm for her friends and family.

Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash

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