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The Journal

Forget Valentine's Day: Show yourself some self-love this February

By Leighton Atchison-Warne

4 min read

Forget Valentine's Day: Show yourself some self-love this February

It’s finally February. The evenings are starting to get lighter. There are signs of renewal in nature, as Spring bulbs emerge from hibernation. There’s the promise of pancakes. There’s a lot to be looking forward to.

But, it’s also a month where the supermarket shelves are adorned with an abundance of overpriced, unsustainable merchandise in celebration guessed it: Valentine’s Day.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m as romantic as the next person - and I certainly want to show my devotion to my beloved. But do I need to buy a dozen (imported, fragrance-less) red roses? Or a box of chocolates to show how much I love them?

And it doesn’t end there. In recent years, the so-called ‘galentines day’ (and don’t get me started on ‘malentines’) – the occasions on which we gift our best mates in the absence of a significant other have added yet more pressure to show love to others.  

What I want to know is: where is the self-love in all of this?

A few years ago, I suffered a pretty nasty episode of burnout. It wasn’t much fun. And one of the things I remember my therapist saying to me was “you speak to yourself in such a negative way”. That made me stop in my tracks. For the first time ever, I realised that I’d never speak to someone else the way in which I spoke to myself. I needed to show myself some love.

From that day on, I’ve tried hard to show myself some gratitude each day. Whether it’s taking a mindful stroll with my dog, reading a book, or catching up on the day with my other half over a glass of wine (no phones allowed) – they all help me to reflect and unwind after a busy day. I’m still on my own journey to ‘self-love’, but I can definitely feel the difference it’s made to my life.

When we created Nature’s Journey, we wanted it to be a range that would help bring a mindful moment, every day. It’s these small acts of self-care that have a lasting benefit on our overall health and wellbeing. Gone are the days of self-care being self-indulgent – today it’s all about finding little ways to cope with the struggles and strains of daily life.

So, for the month of February, we’ve put together two gorgeous edits for you - to help revive winter-worn skin and give you the perfect excuse to indulge in a little self-love.

First up, our Daily Revival Edit – featuring three of our favourites for healthy-looking, glowing skin every day.

Treat your complexion to the perfect level of hydration with our lightweight Nurturing Day Cream. The texture is just gorgeous, and it really does hydrate – but without leaving your skin feeling oily - and the fragrance never fails to put a spring in my step. Then there’s our Radiance Facial Oil – a light (yet super rich) blend of CBD and pure plant extracts. It really does what it says on the pack! - a few drops massaged into clean skin, leaves it looking radiant, dewy, and fresh. Not forgetting, also our Conditioning Lip Balm. I always have this in my coat pocket (and another one on my desk). It’s the only balm I’ve used that really does soften and soothe dry, winter lips, and the little hit of minty freshness gives a little lift, too.  

At the end of a busy day, it can be difficult to unwind. With a thousand priorities still circling around in your mind, it can be tricky to drift off to a good night’s sleep. We’re all guilty of going to bed early, only to sit in bed scrolling through reels on Instagram. It’s no surprise that this probably isn’t the best way to switch off – instead, try reading for a while. Even if for 20 minutes. It’ll help you distract your mind from your to-do list and begin to prepare for bed.  

Our Rest & Restore Edit is the perfect bedtime companion.

I can’t be without our bestselling Sleep Easy Pillow Mist – a liberal spritz around my bedroom a few moments before I settle down has fast become a bedtime ritual for me. It really does help you to sleep, and the cocooning scent is so relaxing. You’ll also find our Restoring Night Cream – it’s packed full of CBD and pure plant extracts that are specially selected for their plumping, hydrating, restoring properties – so you wake looking refreshed and ready for the day ahead. We’ve also included Conditioning Lip Balm – as I’ve mentioned already, it’s a really super formulation, and it’s ideal to use in a slightly more liberal way at bedtime, to intensively condition your lips while you sleep.

Getting a good night’s sleep really is essential. Lack of sleep shows – not just on our skin, but our mood, too. If you need a little extra help drifting off, check out our Sleep Well playlist on Spotify – a collection of sleepy sounds to help you on your way to the land of nod.

So, ditch the hype and treat yourself to some much-needed self-love - and when cupid packs away his arrow for another year, be sure to keep your newfound rituals going. Self-love is for life, not just for February.

Stay well,



The Daily Revival Edit, £45 worth £52

The Rest & Restore Edit, £40 worth £47.40


Leighton Atchison-Warne

Leighton is Co-Founder and Brand Director at Nature's Journey. When he's not dreaming up new formulations, writing copy, or spreading the word about our range, you'll often find him strolling the shores of the Isle of Wight with his partner and their beloved Miniature Schnauzer, Bertie

Content published by Nature’s Journey CBD Wellness is not intended to treat, diagnose, cure, or prevent any disease. Always seek the advice of your GP or another qualified healthcare provider for any questions you have regarding a medical condition, and before undertaking any diet, exercise, or other health-related programme


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