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How to restore your natural glow this Spring

After a long, dark Winter, Spring has finally sprung, and despite the occasional April shower, there's so much to look forward to - the days are longer, the gardens are bursting into bloom and there's not long to wait before alfresco drinks and lots of fun in the sun return once again. After months of hibernation and cold weather, our skin can often look anything but radiant when it comes to this time of year, so here’s our guide to reading your natural glow this Spring, and beyond.

By Leighton Atchison-Warne

How to restore your natural glow this Spring

Give your skin a deep clean

It might sound obvious, but cleansing your skin morning and night is the foundation of a healthy, radiant complexion. Not only does cleansing remove makeup and daily grime, but also helps to keep pores clean and clear. Our suits-all-skin types Daily Cleansing Balm is specially formulated with CBD and skin-softening natural extracts to gently but effectively cleanse the skin, plus the Organic Cotton Cleansing Cloth helps to buff away dead skin cells, leaving skin radiant and glowing.  

Better still, try double cleansing a few nights a week (or if you’re tight for time, a weekend treat) – it’s a great way to nurture your complexion and keep it perfectly balanced, and it’s as simple as it sounds. Just cleanse your face as normal to remove impurities, then cleanse again. I like to use a facial roller on the second cleanse to really stimulate blood flow.

Hydrate – inside and out

We all know that we should aim to drink 8 glasses of water a day – but let’s be honest, no matter how fancy your water bottle is, there are some days when you just don’t manage it. Try switching it up by opting for caffeine-free teas (my personal favourite is a cup of Rooibos) or adding a handful of berries, cucumber or mint to water to give it a bit of flavour.

And, when it comes to hydrating your skin, using a serum daily is the answer. Our Hydrating Face Serum is packed full of skin-quenching, radiance-boosting ingredients, like Hyaluronic Acid, Watermelon Seed, Rosehip, and Green tea to intensively hydrate and replenish the skin. Use it every night before you turn in.

Chill out

If you’re not quite ready to embrace your inner Wim Hof and plunge into a freezing cold ice bath (me either), try wrapping a handful of ice cubes in a cloth (our cleansing cloth is perfect), and gently massage across the face and neck in the morning. It’s incredibly invigorating and really wakes up your complexion. If you’re particularly sensitive to extremes of temperature, it’s probably best to give this a miss.

Try facial massage

A few moments of massage works wonders for boosting the circulation, reducing puffiness and promoting overall skin health. It needn’t be complicated or time consuming. Try this routine a couple of times a week:

  • Cleanse as normal – making sure your skin is free of makeup or other products before you begin.
  • Take a few drops of oil (our Radiance Facial Oil is perfect), and starting at the centre of your face, just below your cheekbones, use gentle, upward strokes to apply.
  • Massage the area in circular motions, working your way outwards towards your ear. Be careful around the delicate eye area and use your ring finger for lighter pressure.
  • Next, move onto your forehead, massaging in small, circular motions.
  • Don’t forget the neck and décolletage – using gentle upward strokes to massage the area in circular motions.
  • Finally, take a few deep breaths, let the shoulders drop… and relax.

You are what you eat

I read somewhere recently ‘you are what you eat, so don’t be fast, cheap, easy or fake’. It made me smile, but there’s a serious message here – your skin reflects your inner health. If your body isn’t receiving the right levels of nutrients, it’ll show up in your complexion. Include antioxidant rich foods into your diet such as berries and nuts, particularly walnuts and pecans.

Get your daily dose

Modern living means that we don’t always consume the required levels of vitamins and minerals from the foods we eat (and in some cases, we need more than we can get from food alone), so consider Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Omega 3,6,9 and Zinc supplements for a little extra help getting the glow, as well as Collagen supplements to help maintain skin elasticity. 

And finally... 

Smile. I know that sounds super cheesy, and it can sometimes be difficult to smile if you're feeling a little out of sync, but I honestly believe that when someone smiles, their whole face lights up and you see their beautiful, perfectly imperfect being. What could be more radiant than that?

Stay well, 

Leighton x 


Leighton Atchison-Warne

Leighton is Co-Founder and Brand Director at Nature's Journey. When he's not dreaming up new formulations, writing copy, or spreading the word about our range, you'll often find him strolling the shores of the Isle of Wight with his partner and their beloved Miniature Schnauzer, Bertie

Content published by Nature’s Journey CBD Wellness is not intended to treat, diagnose, cure, or prevent any disease. Always seek the advice of your GP or another qualified healthcare provider for any questions you have regarding a medical condition, and before undertaking any diet, exercise, or other health-related programme


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